Mecano – Spanish pop band

Brothers Nacho and José María Cano formed Spanish pop band Mecano in the beginning of the 1980’s. With singer Ana Torroja they reached popularity on the waves of the Spanish New Wave movement called Movida Madrileña. Mecano produced two reasonably popular singles (Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar and Perdido En Mi Habitación) in 1981 before issuing their debut album, which was presented live at Madrid's Palace Hotel in 1982.

The band then started touring Spain with Javier de Juan on drums and Manolo Aguilar on bass. Their biggest European hit came from the album Entre El Cielo Y El Suelo (1984), called Hijo de la Luna. In 1986, the ballad Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte hit the charts in Latin America, while in ‘87 Mecano's Cruz de Navajas was voted Best Song of the Year in Spain. After Mecano's exhaustive 1991 worldwide tour, the band's members decided to call it a day.

Nacho Cano has composed for other acts, like Rubin and La Unión. He also produced a band called Betty Troupe. José Cano has written songs for vocalists Ana Belén and Massiel, while Ana Torroja went on to a singing solo career.

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Their debut album, also called Mecano contained the following songs:

  1. Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar - 3:16
  2. No Me Ensenen la Lección - 3:10
  3. Perdido en Mi Habitación - 3:43
  4. Cenando en Paris - 4:14
  5. Maquillaje - 2:29
  6. Boda en Londres - 3:23
  7. Me Cole en Una Fiesta - 4:14
  8. La Máquina de Vapor - 3:21
  9. Me Voy de Casa - 2:15
  10. 254.13.26 - 4:09
  11. El Fin del Mundo - 5:14
  12. Solo Soy Una Persona - 1:46

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