The McGill-Melzack Pain Questionnaire is a widely used tool that measures sensory, affective, and evaluative dimensions of pain. It is most useful in the initial assessment and for research but is too cumbersome to be used for moment to moment pain treatment.

These are the words that the patient is asked to circle if applicable to their pain.

They are also asked to rate the pain on a scale of 1 - 5.

in English - in Spanish

Pain- Dolor

constant- constante

periodic- periodico

brief- breve

no pain- sin dolor

mild- moderado

discomforting- incomodo

distressing- angustiante

horrible- horrible

excruciating- agudisimo

pulsing- pulsante

beating- batiente

pounding- golpeante

throbbing- latiente

flickering- parpadeante

quivering- tremulante

pricking- punzante

boring- perforante

drilling- taladrante

stabbing- apunalante

lancinating- lancinante

sharp- agudo

cutting- cortante

lacerating- lacerante

pinching- pellizcante

pressing- apremiante

gnawing- carcomiente

cramping- acalambrante

crushing- triturante

wrenching- retorciente

pulling- arrancante

tugging- tironeante

cruel- cruel

killing- irresistible

dreadful- medroso

nauseating- nauseante

tearing- desgarrante

squeezing- estrujante

numb- entumecido, dormido

fearful- terrible

terrifying- aterrorizador

warm- tibio

hot- caliente

burning- ardiente, quemante

searing- cauterizante

penetrating- penetrante

piercing- traspasante

spreading- desparramante

radiating- radiante

jumping- brincador

flashing- relampagueante

shooting- disparante

burning- ardiente

itchy- picante

stinging- punzante

tingling- hormigueante

annoying- fastidioso

troublesome- dificultoso

miserable- lastimoso

intense- intenso

unbearble- insoportable

tender- adolorido, sensible

taut- tenso

rasping- raspante

splitting- rajante

blinding- enceguecedor

heavy- opresivo

dull- leve y constante

sore- dolorido

hurting- lastimado

aching- doliente

tiring- cansador

exhausting- agotador

weakening- debilitante

suffocating- sofocante

sickening- enfermizo

punishing- castigante

Gruelling- abrumador

vicious- maligno

agonizing- agonizante

torturing- torturante

nagging- machacante

drawing- estirante

tight- apretante

wretched- miserable

frightful- espantoso

cool- fresco

cold- frio

freezing- congelante

scalding- escaldante


The McGill Melzack Pain Questionnaire, translated to Spanish by Stanford University Hospital Interpreters and printed as a handout for a medical translators course I took at Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore.

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