Well, it turns out that McDonald's french fries, supposedly cooked in vegetable oil for the last decade, have contained meat products all along. Apparently, beef tallow is applied to the raw potatoes early in the manufacturing process.

This is justified by the company as falling under the "natural flavorings" ingredient listing, which is a suspicious catch-all under any circumstances, and certainly a flagrant abuse of trust in this case.

As a vegetarian myself, I am of course outraged at this news, but since I swore off McDonald's food years ago (after the second time I found a pubic hair in my hamburger - yes, really), it's not as big of a deal to me personally.

However, many of the 15 million or so vegetarians in the United States are eagerly awaiting a possible class action suit against McDonald's... more power to 'em I say.

Check out the article at http://www.msnbc.com/local/PISEA/M40838.asp?cp1=1

I don't eat McDonald's Fries.

Last summer my friend worked for his dad's produce distribution company in Providence. Every day they unloaded the trucks and sorted the contents, all sorts of fruits and vegetables, including potatoes. Now this is where it gets gross.

The good potatoes are sorted out and purchased by supermarkets. By good I mean fairly clean, decent looking ones. The other potatoes -- rancid, disgusting, putrid lumps of fiber, so disgusting people working at the place have actually vomited the first time they got a wiff of them -- are boxed and purchased by McDonald's for french fry use.

McDonald's in Sweden have some seriously bad fries. They, themselves claim they're famous, for being hot, crisp, soft in the middle, and long. Furthermore, they say they have a strict chain of quality testing.

Complete and total bullshit!

Whatever tests they have, they certainly don't apply to their fries in Gothenburg, where I've tested them at every last McDonald's. They are slightly above room temperature, comes in every length possible, are so crisp, I can bend them and then bend them back without noticing any obvious damage. However... sometimes they are actually soft in the middle.

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