I'm angry.. i'm sick of trusting people, and having them hurt.. i'm sick of their lies.. I'm sick of looking for the good in
people.. only to have it blow up in my face.. yeah im being cynical.. yeah im being bitchy.. i idlely sit by .. and watch myself get
hurt.. sacrificing myself and feelings for the good of others.. i used to believe that people didn't mean to hurt others.. i don't think
they really care.. so what can i do.. isolate myself from the masses.. speak to those 2-3 people who haven't hurt me.. im just so
tired.. lies by omission.. disrespect.. you don't think i can deal with the truth.. that just shows how little you actually knew me..
fuck it all.. which is more insane.. or the person who understands insanity enough to diagnose it.. i trust too easily.. im not
suspisious of motives.. i guess it serves me right.. maybe i will finally fucking learn a lesson.. people are never what they seem.. no
matter how fucking sincere..

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