Another one of the few people on MTV that have a clue. He seems to actually have a tremendous love of music. He also seems to know a great deal about music and many of the smaller bands as well has the popular ones. According to his bio he had a pirate radio station at age nine.

Usually seen on 120 Minutes and M2.

The bald, round, cuddly one certainly looks to be clueful in the context of the MTV Networks family of Viacom brand names, and the cable channel that brings you FANatic and Say What? But how much of the script is his? Do nice, corporate-approved ad-libs and asides constitute cluefulness? Or is it just window-dressing for the Same-Old, the Acceptable Face of conformity? The only one who seems to have a clue on MTVĀ® is Daria, and she's a cartoon. What does that say?

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