Mathcamp is a 5-week long summer program for mathematically talented highschool students.

Mathcampers get to attend really cool lectures on all sorts of cool math topics. Guest lectures include John Conway, Hany Farid, and many, many others. Mathcamp is also a place where strong friendships can be made, since everyone has a common interest. The friendships last far longer than the 5 weeks of the camp itself.

The location of the camp changes every year. In 2000, it was on the UBC campus in British Columbia; in 2001, it was at Colby College in Maine, and it will be at Colorado College in 2002.

Mathcamp has only four rules:

  1. Be excellent to each other.
  2. No stupid stuff.
  3. No fire.
  4. No dividing by zero.

Mathcamp is extremely hard to describe; the only way to really know what it is is to go there.

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