Since I'm enjoying the wonders of Winnipeg, Canada, I thought we'd go out and do a bit of fishing, particularly since I'm doing work for the World's Foremost Outfitter.

Three of us Yanks headed out to the Red River to try our luck. The folks at the store where we were working gave us some excellent tips, including that the big channel cats were hitting raw shrimp. We picked up a kilo of tiger shrimp and a pile of munchies.

They weren't kidding. I pulled in one catfish that was just short of 36 inches, and one of my coworker pulled in one at 34.5 inches in length. The other gent landed a 24.5-inch fresh water drum, aka a silver bus.

It turns out that these fish will get us all Master Angler status. We get certificates, a pin from the Canadian wildlife department, and our picture up at the store.

You can get Master Angler for different fish. For example, the channel cats require a specimen over 34 inches in length. You need two witnesses, and/or photographic evidence. We have both, just to be sure. If the channel cat is over 39 inches, it qualifies as a Trophy Fish.

Maybe I can come back again and give the Walleye or Drum a go. I'd like a trophy, or another Master Angler pin.

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