[Mason] Jennings' songs aren't what would typically be called "popular." It's not the kind of music that gets played on commercial radio, is written about in glossy magazines or generates major-label-bidding wars. His songs are musical poetry -- literate songs that are as sentimental as Victorian sonnets or as impassioned as populist platform speeches. When he sings, his forceful delivery is like that of a convert extolling the blues, jazz and folk gospel. He plays acoustic guitar, but he isn't a folk singer.

-Vickie Casey, Minneapolis Star Tribune-

Mason Jennings has two albums entitled Mason Jennings and his sophomore release Birds Flying Away. The first sold over 10,000 copies, was recorded by Jennings (and he played all the instruments for the album) and got him many odd gifts and contact with avid fans. Jennings unthinkingly printed his phone number and address in the early presses of the album.

Jennings has a smooth voice, almost liquid in the way it flows from word to word without effort. The band's webpage is (fairly obviously) www.masonjennings.com and if you search online, you'll find a good fan site with a few mp3's for download, and if you still can access it, you can find Jennings' music on Napster.

Mason's Albums:

1997: Mason Jennings
2000: Birds Flying Away
1999: Stuck on AM, 2 (an in-studio performance on this Radio K release)

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