The star of Stray Bullets' story within a story, Amy Racecar lives in a world of never ending bank robberies and long lonely rides in spaceships.

Amy is the creation of fictional character and 10 year old girl Virginia Applejack so you'll understand that her adventures are appropriately filled with off the wall flights of fancy and wild mood swings. Amy's a girl who knows what she wants except when she doesn't.

Amy Racecar quickly became a fan favorite in David Lapham's long running and critically acclaimed comic book series. I think what makes the character work is Lapham's inexplicable talent for capturing the paradoxically zany yet angry temperament of prepubescent girls (I don't mean literally, like he keeps them locked in his basement). In that way he's kind on similar ground as Dan Clowes' take on Enid Coleslaw. Now that I think of it I'm surprised the comparison isn't made more frequently.

While the Amy Racecar issues are often mildly annoying interuptions to an ongoing story her adventures are interesting in that they expose the key psychological nuances of her young creator, things even she is probably oblivious to but which are bound to come bubbling up as her psyche comes to a boil. It's kind of like freudian foreshadowing.

Her latest expose in issue 26 (which really deserves a node to call it's own) is an especially clear indication of this principle.

In addition to appearing in 5 or 6 issues of SB Amy has also stared in two AMY RACECAR SPECIALS

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