An itsy-bitsy hilltop village in southern Italy, near the top of the "arch" of the "boot." Closest big city is Napoli. Hometown of my maternal grandmother.

Legend has it, around 1400 AD the Turks ploughed through the Balkans, resulting in a mass emigration from Albania across the Adriatic to Italy. This town was (according to tradition) founded by a boatload of strictly male refugees, thus the name (the "masc" is the same masc in "masculine") which is derived from the Albanian name Moschite which all the locals refer to it as.

This legend is suspect because language is generally passed down from mothers to children, yet the village is so isolated that everyone there still speaks Albanian... which leads one to believe that the boatload wasn't entirely of male refugees.

My mother made a concerted effort to locate it back in the '70s and ultimately succeeded, being joyously led from house to house and proudly shown the only flush toilet in the entire village. She brought me there in the mid-'90s and it was considerably more up-with-the-times.

While we were there I observered some local kids riding a moped up the hill... then they turned a corner and I could hear them descending. Two minutes later, they came around again. And down again. Maybe in another 20 years the Internet will have reached them. Until then, that's all there is to do to kill time.

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