A very old dorm at Swarthmore. It has beautiful hardwood floors in the rooms on the first, second, and third floors, and brand new carpet in the basement rooms. The bathrooms (except on the basement) are shared by small groups of people, keeping them clean. The people are studious and quiet, although not above an occasional game of Wink or annual celebration of certain illegal holidays. There are three freshmen halls, one on each of the three above-ground floors. It isn't too hard to stay in ML because it's a 15-minute walk from campus, although there are many perks. Mary Lyons is clean, civilized, quiet, and studious, except during the infamous Halloween Party.

One notable feature of the Mary Lyons dorm is its Breakfast Room, a massive space used for the 6-days-a-week breakfast, ping-pong, the Halloween Party, romantic trysts, potluck dinners, the ML library, and other assorted activities.

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