In particular, the make or brand of a car. This is not necessarily the manufacturer (though in many cases it is): Saturn is a marque manufactured by General Motors, and Triumph is a marque manufactured by British Leyland. The term "marque" tends to be used mostly by car aficionados.

Marque (?), n. [F. marque, in lettre de marque letter of marque, a commission with which the commandant of every armed vessel was obliged to be provided, under penalty of being considered a pirate or corsair; marque here prob. meaning, border, boundary (the letter of marque being a permission to go beyond the border), and of German origin. See March border.] Law

A license to pass the limits of a jurisdiction, or boundary of a country, for the purpose of making reprisals.

Letters of marque, Letters of marque and reprisal, a license or extraordinary commission granted by a government to a private person to fit out a privateer or armed ship to cruise at sea and make prize of the enemy's ships and merchandise. The ship so commissioned is sometimes called a letter of marque. <-- privateer -->


© Webster 1913.

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