What a disappointment. This is a 1993 video game for the Super NES, NES, and the PC created by Software Toolworks (who licensed the Mario characters from Nintendo). Don't be fooled, this isn't a traditional Super Mario Brothers game. It is an edutainment title aimed at people who are learning geography. The game uses some of the same sprites from Super Mario World, and graphics that were created for this game are rather sub-par and stick out like a sore thumb.

The premise is that Bowser is trying to take over the world by stealing the world's treasures and historical artifacts. As a side plot he plans to melt the ice caps and flood the world. Mario went to stop him, as usual, but something went wrong and instead Bowser has captured Mario and is holding him captive at his South Pole fortress. Luigi sets out to reclaim the treasures and find his brother and return the stolen objects to their rightful locations. Luigi travels to many of the world's major cities to reclaim the artifacts. Bowser's loyal Koopa Troopas have the treasures, so Luigi must stomp them to get them back. Then he must find out which treasure belongs in which place. This is relatively easy because all of a city's treasures are found in the city they belong in. If Luigi can find Yoshi he can travel around the city faster.

Once Luigi finds the artifacts he must return them to the national landmark they belong to. Once he finds a landmark's information booth (which is run by Princess Toadstool in the Super NES version for some reason) Luigi has to answer a trivia question about the artifact in question. The questions are all simple challenges, such as "What is the name of Michelangelo's famous sculpture? A) David B) Bob C) Frank" Once all three artifacts are returned to a city, Luigi moves on to the next city. This continues until five cities have been saved, then Luigi must defeat one of the Koopa kids before moving on to another set of five. There are fifteen cities in all with three artifacts per city. Luigi has no power meter of any sort. There are no powerups and he cannot be harmed, making this game only an exercise in knowledge and patience as you trudge through city after city.

As mentioned above this game was released for three different formats. The two Nintendo releases borrow graphics and music heavily from Super Mario World, whereas the PC version features more detailed, original graphics and dialogue. If you're looking for a standard Mario game, this isn't it. If you're looking for a game where Luigi can finally prove himself as the lead hero, this isn't it either. If you're looking for a non-taxing edutainment title starring characters from the Super Mario Brothers universe, step right up and grab a controller. For more of the same check out the game's sequel, Mario's Time Machine.

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