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French (specifically Provencal) Christmas carol. I found the verses below separately and I don't know if they are different translations of the same verse, or different verses to the same tune:

Version 1 (found uncredited at

I saw three kings upon the break of day
Come riding, riding from their foreign regions,
Come riding, riding with their vast array.
Their gifts of gold for the Christ they bore,
Were guarded close by a band of warriors.
Their bucklers, shields, shining swords so bright
Were shining, flashing morning light.

Version 2 (translation by Edward S. Breck):

On the march we saw three monarchs proud,
The fabled wise men with their trappings gay and brilliant;
Marching on the road to Bethlehem,
They bore rich gifts to greet the Holy Child.
The din of drums at the dawn's first beam
Proclaimed the pow'r of the sages from the eastern land,
The blare of trumps and the sound of fifes,
Announced their coming in the cool gray dawn.

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