A Python implementation for the Microsoft’s upcoming (currently in beta) .NET platform is also in the works.

Python.NET is an implementation yet to ship, but that will be - at least in structure -similar to Jython. Python.NET will let Python participate in Microsoft's .NET project, which basically amounts to a non-Java VM that can run programs written in a variety of languages (such as the new C#, Visual Basic, C++, and also Python).

If you were not targeting the .NET framework, you probably would not want to use Python .NET at this point, since most of Python libraries and many features are not yet supported. Its status is not mature enough to support a further discussion at this point.

Even more, I worry that Microsoft will try to use proprietary extensions and enhancements in the familiar "embrace, extend, extinguish" strategy. In other words, I fear that Python for .NET might not actually be very good for Python in the long term.

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