What is it that supplies the need for men to drive around a parking lot looking for the perfect parking spot? Is it his laziness? Is it his need to gloat? Or is it his stupidity?

I have indulged in a beautiful parking spot myself but I did not look for one, I stumbled upon it. Looking for the prefect parking spot is like looking for your glasses right before you need to leave for a movie, you won't ever find them. This idea came about my head today as I saw a car travel in circles honking at people in front of it to move out of the way because a person was backing out close to the front of the building. Soon after, the car in front of the honking car was awarded the good parking spot. The honking car proceeded to circle the parking lot over and over to find another good parking spot.

I chuckled silently to myself watching this display as I walked to my class. I realize that the perfect parking spot is indeed a beautiful thing, but do men really need to go to so much stress and anxiety for a minute more walk? Is walking another minute or so to the good parking spots so bad? It is just another minute right?

But no, when people do get that perfect parking spot, they boast and gloat around to everyone they know, and to everyone they don't. But I think we should all take a lesson from an episode of Seinfield where George Constanza bragged to everyone about his "perfect parking spot." "Right in front," he said. "Perfect," he said. "Beautiful," he said. And while everyone looked down at his beautiful spot, a man fell on his car.

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