I've been thinking about my dream.

The library was everything2. And there is a goddess and the archive.

I don't understand the glassware, really. What does that mean?

The dream bothered me at first: the man interacting with the powerful woman/goddess. I thought, sure, some males want the perfect dream woman and project all sorts of stuff on women. But wait, it's my dream, the people I see in dreams are aspects of myself.

So then I thought that I have a goddess figure/powerful woman in my dream, but no god figure/powerful man. That felt rather uncomfortable for a day. Then I thought that as a culture, the US is really confused about a powerful man figure. If my culture is confused about what a man should be, then it's not just me.

So what should a man be? He should not a rich pussygrabbing name calling selfish posturing horrid greedy person who is intent on money at the cost of our environment. He should not separate children from parents and put them in concentration camps. He should act (and be!) mature. He shouldn't get us all killed.

There is a poet blog that I read sometimes. The author is male. He often writes poems about vulnerability. When he does, he always puts an illustration of a woman. I asked about it, does vulnerability belong to women only? He had not noticed that he was doing that. He didn't change.

I have been thinking about a blog series. I was thinking of calling it vulnerable men and asking men to let me photograph and post. But I am changing it. I went to a birthday party last weekend, of a 90 year old man. There was a stuffed bunny on a table, a white bunny toy. I photographed it. Then a man sat by it and I asked if he was sitting near the bunny by design. He looked at it, picked it up and cuddled it: and let me take a photograph.

So the title I am working with is gentle men. Two words, not one, and it has nothing to do with "blue blood" or birth. I'd much prefer diversity.

What is your animus? Or anima? Your present ideal of a male or a man? Is it different from your ideal of a woman? Are there characteristics or emotions that one can have but the other can't?

My ideal is that everyone can have all of the emotions, as I wrote in Ride Forth.....


message me if you want to be photographed

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