Located in Vancouver, Canada, Mainframe Entertainment fufills a niche market of computer-animated shows for television. Chances are, if you're watching a CG show, it was made by them.

Some of the amazing works they have put out include:

  • Reboot - The first (to my knowledge) completely CG television show, with humour drawing from both the computer world and pop culture. Even though they didn't make many episodes, they were endlessly replayed on YTV.
  • Beasties/Beast Wars - A generation in the Transformers universe that was very involving and action-packed.
  • ShadowRaiders/WarPlanets - I wish I had got into this one more. This show was the path of an uneasy alliance between planets (each a different element in the Japanese style, like Fire, Water, Earth...) against a greater evil.

They have also continue to produce shows and specials like Action Man, Barbie, and Heavy Gear, although I haven't seen any of these modern shows so I cannot vouch for them.

This studio brought a lot of dedication and charm into the work it produced, especially with Reboot.

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