The most recent title in the Macross series of anime. 48 half-hour episodes long, It is set in a colonization fleet heading out for destinations unknown; the largest ship in the fleet is the City 7, which houses one million people in a huge, mobile biosphere.

Among the inhabitants of City 7 is a band called Fire Bomber, headed up by Nekki Basara. Small glasses, big hair. The cute bass player of Fire Bomber is a girl named Mylene Jenius, the seventh daugher of (you guessed it) Max and Miria Jenius.

The plot again revolves around music, as the fleet discovers aliens who don't kill their enemies; rather they rob them of their will to live, to move, to do anything. The weapon eventually used agains these aliens? Duh, music.

Macross 7 is not as much of a ripoff of previous Macross installments as one might think. Some of the new elements are good, some are corny, but overall, speaking as a huge fan of the Macross series, I quite liked it. The Mikimoto character designs are good, the music is good, the plot is good ole-fashioned Macross, so I'm not complaining.

Actually, a word about the music. It's kind of 80s pop-rock, with Nekki Basara's dubious work on the vocals. Many people hate it. I love it. I don't know why. I have two CDs full of Fire Bomber, and I can't get enough of the stuff. I guess it grows on you. Kind of like mold.

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