My first computer was a Macintosh SE/30 which I broke, fixed, and generally experimented with in every way I could think of. Except that I never considered sexual intercourse with the machine. When I discovered the entry for "Macintosh SEx" in the index of my worn copy of the venerable Macintosh Bible I pawed through the pages to find what it might be. The story they had went something like this:

When Apple upgraded the chips in its machines back in that time it usually modified the model name by adding one or two letters in some moderately cryptic way. This was before the dark days of Macintosh model names that included many different numbers. Back at this time, for example, when the Motorola 68020 in the Macintosh II was swapped out for the Motorola 68030, the new machine was christened the Macintosh IIx. However, when Apple upgraded the Motorla 68000 in the Macintosh SE for a 68030, they backed down from tacking an 'x' onto the end of the new model name and settled for the unorthodox '/30' instead.

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