With history reaching back to 1827, Mac Baren has forged success in the highly competitive tobacco industry with their line of pipe tobaccos, both in its homeland of Denmark and overseas.

When Hans Nissen Halberg in 1887 the tobacco business S. Bønnelycke’s Factories, he had turned his back on his family business. His father was a ship's captain, who's cargo largely consisted of chewing tobacco, snuff and smoking tobacco. While this early exposure to tobacco had captured the younger Halberg's fascination, he soon realized that he did not have the stomach for a life at sea.

The business was renamed to Harald Halberg Tobacco Factories and soon the business was a success. The company passed through the family's generations, however it was not until fate struck the son of the current operator of the the family business that its true potential would be realised.

In 1939, Jørgen Halberg accepted an offer to work at the World's Fair in New York. By the time that the fair had finished, World War II had erupted in Europe and it was impossible to return to his homeland. While stranded in the US, Jørgen gained work in the tobacco industry by handling raw tobacco at various factories. This exposure, not only invigorated his drive to run the family business, but gave him an idea to revolutionize pipe smoking back home.

Once the war was over, Jørgen returned to Denmark to develop his idea. His product, a ready-rubbed tobacco called Mac Baren, was released in the 1950s. The business became one of the first companies in Denmark to use trial markets to analyze their strategy on the release of Golden Blend. The brands current flagship Mac Baren Mixture was interestingly enough not immediate success, taking a few years to catch on. Sales rapidly increased from 1958, and in just five years Mixture was the bestselling pipe tobacco in Denmark.

The Mac Baren brand drove the business to new commercial heights, making an expansion of their manufacturing facilities necessary in the mid 1980s.

In 1995 to honor the power of the brand, the company was renamed Mac Baren Tobacco Company. Since then, the business has focused on expanding its product availability in new markets, and to offer varying varieties to cater to changing tastes. The company is one of the leading pipe tobacco companies worldwide and holds a leading position in Denmark.


Low Strength

  • Original Choice
  • Designed to appeal to new smokers, Original choice has a mild, aromatic taste and is designed to reduce tongue bite.
  • Aromatic Choice
  • Has a fruity aroma, that is well suited to new pipe smokers.
  • Cherry Choice
  • Unsuprisingly has a taste reminiscent of ripe cherries.
  • Vanilla Choice
  • A mellow tobacco that has the sweet taste of vanilla.
  • Mixture Modern
  • Based on the original Mixture, Mixture Modern is a milder alternative that gives new smokers the opportunity to sample a classic.
  • Mac Baren Cube
  • A special release custom blended by Mac Baren's master tobacco blender. Designed to have a sweet and mellow taste.

Medium Strength

  • Black Ambrosia
  • A sophisticated taste developed through the use of tobacco sourced from many countries, with a heavy Cavendish base.
  • Cherry Ambrosia
  • A combination of the complexity of Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos and the aroma of cherries.
  • Gold of Denmark
  • A special combination of Burley, Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos give the mix a 'golden' taste.
  • Golden Ambrosia
  • Using special mellowed Burley tobacco, this mix gives a light burning and aromatic smoke.
  • Vanilla Cream Loose Cut
  • Using a combination of aged Virginia, mild black Cavendish and premium vanilla flavoring, this tobacco gives a smooth, sweet smoke.
  • Virgina No 1
  • The natural sweet taste of matured Virginia tobacco.
  • Virginia Blend
  • A smooth smoke, giving a bright and elegant smoke.
  • Mixture Aromatic
  • An extremely mild blend that contains Virginia and Burley tobaccos with a fine, sweet Virginia and a small portion of darkfired Cavendish.
  • Mixture
  • A finely balanced blend of tobaccos that propelled Mac Baren to the forefront of Danish tobacco manufacturing.
  • Uncle Louie Rum
  • Fine Caribbean rum is used to give this tobacco an exquisite taste.
  • Uncle Louie Whisky
  • Virginia, Burley and Cavendish tobaccos blended with Highlands scotch.
  • Mixture Flake
  • The original Mixture in the flake format, designed to coax subtle differences in taste from the blend.

High Strength

  • Burley London Blend
  • A very distinct tobacco. made from white Burley, well matured in wooden casks. A real smoking pleasure.
  • Club Blend
  • A roll-cake tobacco, spun from rich, matured Virginia and choice Cavendish tobaccos giving Club Blend its medium strength and delightful aroma.
  • Dark Twist Loose Cut
  • An extremely well rounded blend utilizing dark Cavendish matched perfectly to Viriginia tobacco.
  • Dark Twist Roll Cake
  • Same as the loose cut, with a varied smoking characteristics due to its format.
  • Latakia Blend
  • A roll cake tobacco, spun by carefully matured Virginia and Cavendish tobaccos with a light taste of Latakia, bringing about a wonderful aroma.
  • Stockton
  • One of the first of the new blends released in the 1950s, many long time Mac Baren smokers feel that this is the most satisfying tobacco available.
  • Golden Blend
  • A ready rubbed blend manufactured from carefully blended, matured Burley tobaccos, giving Golden Blend a mild and pleasant aroma.
  • Harmony
  • A very harmonious Ready rubbed tobacco of Burley, Virginia and Cavendish. All specially palatable tobaccos with a light and sweet taste.
  • Navy Flake
  • A classic pipe tobacco blend, navy style flake tobacco has been a favourite for many pipe smokers for decades.
  • Vanilla Flake
  • Sweet vanilla flavors combined with the slow burning properties of flake tobacco.
  • Roll Cake
  • Was Royal Twist before 1990 and consists of multiple varieties of tobacco spun together.
  • Plum Cake
  • Matured tobaccos infused with Jamaican rum to give a plum cake taste and aroma.
  • Navy Mixture
  • The classic flavors of Navy Flake in the easy to use ready rubbed form factor.
  • Norwood
  • A mild lightly burning ready-rubbed pipe tobacco manufactured from selected Burley and Virginia tobaccos.
  • Virgina Flake
  • The sweet taste of matured Virginia tobacco in the slow burning flake packaging.
  • The Solent Mixture
  • A blend consisting of a majority of Virginia with a touch of spicy Latakia.
  • HH Vintage Syrian
  • While a new product for Mac Baren, this product has roots to very traditional tobacco blending with a tribute to the company's founder (HH stands for Hans Halberg).

Exclusive Releases

  • Royal Box
  • Released only in the Far East, Mac Baren selected sweet Virginia tobacco from multiple worldwide locations to give this special release an unique fruity flavor.









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