MGMT is a hugely popular so-called "psychedelic band". They have a certain pop music vibe about them despite proclaiming that they are indie (and then proclaiming that having a label is like being indie today), but that does nothing to diminish the fact they are DAMN GOOD. Their music is highly addictive and while the band is most definitely on acid and probably shrooms too (I have a friend who did independent research backstage on this), it seems only to improve their psychedelic vibe. If I were to describe their sound, I would cite a liberated Arcade Fire and the Beatles, comparisons between MGMT and the latter being frequent but probably greatly exagerated (the best comparison between the two can probably be drawn between their lyrics, which are always delightfully trippy). They also have a habit of putting out insanely good videos, all of which have at least, at the time of this writing, seven million views each on Youtube and, in a rarity on Youtube, mostly positive comments (though, as usual, they have nothing useful to contribute).

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