The session players at Philadelphia's Sigma Sound studios, the very musicians who created "The Sound of Philadelphia" that producers Gamble and Huff made famous. Philly Soul. "MFSB" stood for "Mother, Father, Sisters, Brothers"; some were former members of G&H's old band The Romeos, and had played on several locally-produced soul hits in the years before the rise and rise of G&H's Philadelphia International Records.

Their one-off hit as MFSB was the 1974 instrumental "TSOP" (I don't count a "people all over the world / doot doot doot..." chant as lyrics), a slightly-altered version of their theme for Soul Train, and the current theme is probably just a trendy updating of "TSOP". Some things just don't compel me to plug in the TV to find out.

The musicians also did other recordings outside of the Philadelphia International purview. Groups like The Spinners (produced by G&H associate Thom Bell), The Delfonics, and The Stylistics had hits with them. And others who wanted to crassly copy the Philly Sound would sometimes go straight to the source.

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