"Girls, girls, girls, girls he adores... yeah. Elton John got married mate. Y'get meh?"
Rising star of the UK hiphop scene, MC Pitman is, supposedly, a coal miner. Very little is known about who he really is, let alone by me. (Although the people at sonrecords.com might be able to shed some light on this mystery.) His records involve him rapping extremely funny and scathing put-downs, often over someone else's beats, in a Yorkshire accent. His scorn has been mainly directed at the following: ...As well as delivering a stream of general purpose insults ("Timmy Mallett's your dad.", "You had a threesome with The Krankies and they fucked off cos you were crap.")

Conversely, he gives respect to:

Pitman has so far put out three 7"ers: Phone Pitman/Pitman Says, Witness the Pitness, and It Takes Tea/The Twat Farm. (Available, stocks permitting, from sonrecords.com.) He's also made appearances on Giles Peterson's radio show and bonus tracks of other UK hiphop artists, and has even started to do live shows. Most of Pitman's stuff is floating around on P2P. It's funny, offensive and full of obscure and just plain silly references. I find it highly amusing but can see how a lot of people wouldn't...

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