Popular community site among Swedish immature 14-year-olds (so-called "fjortisar"). Can be found at http://www.lunarstorm.se. Based on on the idea of talking bullshit with other "fjortisar" about other "fjortisar". An example of this can be found on their start page. "To meet all the supercool bejbs (sic) n (sic) use all cool functions..." If this upsets your stomach, then PLEASE, DO NOT read the stuff written by the USERS.

It's the haven for usernames like Anna16, xXxHadesxXx, Gina_666, AdiDas_BoY, and **StrAWberRY--ICEcreAM**.

It has several *cough* interesting functions. First there's the "private message board" every user has got. Every other user can leave a message there (e.g. How drunk were you this weekend?). There's a forum called "Diskus" where they can discuss other topics like "How much can you drink in one Saturday night if you try really hard?". Then there's the webchat. Not as pedophiliac-infested as AOL chat, but it's damn close. Then there's the diaries, where everyone can whore out their personal lives for everyone to see. So... much... evil... so little time to write it all down...

Now they have also spawned a cellular service operator in cooperation with (usually very cool) Europolitan called Lunarmobil and their service is called VRÅL! (ROAR!). This is as far as I know the only way except advertising that they make money off their site.

News for immature schoolgirls. Stuff that doesn't matter.

Denmark has recently cloned this dreadful concept. (Our very own Lunarstorm!) The so-called fjortisar aren't too visible on the site yet, but on the contrary it appears to be a fertile breeding ground for the goths of Copenhagen who very much like to discuss their pretentious devotion to BDSM and german underground industrial nobody's ever heard of.

Both sites encourages their users to share their personal life with the rest of the world through public diaries, friend lists and non-anonymous message boards. Often you can learn more about lunarstormers by reading their on-line information than asking them in person.

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