It is a well-known fact that punk rock girls are God's greatest invention. On this basis, the Lunachicks have a very serious claim to Rulers Of The Entire Known Universe.

The band formed in 1988 in New York City, and comprised frontwoman Theo Kogan, bassist Squid, guitarists Sindi B and Gina and drummer Becky. Influenced by classic NYC punk bands like the Ramones and lumped in with the emerging riot grrrl scene, they are also great fans of 'gross-out' humour and a kind of weird performance art. The girls realised that boredom is... well, boring, they avoided it at all costs. They look like a glam riot, with 'eccentric' make-up application, lots of leather and immense wigs. Possibly Theo's sexiest moment came on the cover of the Babysitters on Acid album, wearing eight-inch stack heels, her underwear outside her clothes and with one finger wedged up her nose. When they played the Vans Warped Tour, they demanded to have one roadie specifically to buy and protect their doughnuts.

They were 'discovered' by Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth while gigging. Having been recommended to Blast First records, they released their second album Babysitters on Acid (eponymous debut having sunk without a trace). They moved back to Plan in 1993 for the excellent Binge and Purge, losing Sindi somewhere along the way. Subsequent albums Jerk of All Trades, Pretty Ugly, Drop Dead Live and Luxury Problem have all been released on Go Kart Records, along with a video, the promisingly titled XXX Naked. Further personnel changes along the way included replacing Becky with Chip, and then replacing her with Helen (surnames suck, remember?).

  • Lunachicks (Plan, 1989)

  • Babysitters on Acid (Blast First, 1990)

  • Binge & Purge (Plan, 1993)

  • Jerk Of All Trades (Go Kart, 1995)

  • Pretty Ugly (Go Kart, 1997)

  • Drop Dead Live (Go Kart, 1998)

  • Luxury Problem (Go Kart, 1999)

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