German painter born in 1472. Initially known as Lucas Müller or Lucas Sunder, he later named himself after his place of birth, Kranach in Franconia. During his early years, he probably studied painting with his father. At the turn of the century, he moved to Vienna. Some of his works from this time still remain. Whilst in Vienna, Cranach was inspired by Albrecht Durer, one of the renaissance pioneers.
In 1505, Lucas was appointed court painter in Wittemberg, and he retained that position for 45 years. He was a prominent citizen and became mayor in 1537, partly due to his friendship with Martin Luther.
His style is revolutionary compred to the dominating 'Ars Nova' from the fifteenth century - attention to detail gave way to passionate, emotional works with a more violent and sensual content (Some rather Heavy Metalish renderings of chicks with swords, severed heads and stuff.), neatly capturing the zeitgeist of the Reformation.
Lucas Cranach died in Weimar in 1553.

Famous works:
  • Samson and Delilah - 1529.
  • Judith with the Head of Holofernes - approximately 1530.

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