Lu Bu also seen as Lu Pu
Familiar name or Ordinary name : Fenshien
Adopted son of Ting Yuan (aka Ding Yuan)

A central character in the early parts of Luo Guan Zhong's epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel based on the Three Kingdoms period of China, circa 2nd century A.D. The character of Lu Bu is based on a historical figure as almost all of the novel's characters are.

Lu Bu was noted for being easily swayed by rich or beautiful gifts, whether swords, horses or women (note :: women in China held a VERY low position in society). He is also not noted for extreme intelligence. His greatest skill was in the front lines of his troops and personal combat. With the gift of the Red Hare (one of the finest horses of the day) he is convinced to kill his adopted father to pave the way for Tung Cho (Dong Zhou) to take control of the Emperor of the Han.

When Tsao Tsao (aka Cao Cao) betrayed Tung Cho and with Yuan Shao, established the coalition against Tung Cho, Lu Bu was the main force in staying their powers. He is noted in the novel as having stood off as many as three very skilled opponents in personal combat.

Unfortunately for Lu Bu he is later used as a pawn in the "Chain Plot" by the emperor's follower, Wang Yun. Yun first offered Lu Bu the hand of his "daughter", Diao Chan (aka Sable Cicada and Tiaoch'an). Wang Yun then gave Chan to Tung Cho as a concubine, later convincing Lu Bu that Cho had requested the girl. Eventually Cho and Lu Bu become severely distrustful of eachother. Lu Bu was then easily convinced to betray his lord. When Cho was summoned falsely to see the emperor, Lu Bu slew him.

Note :: The summons was a trick. Cho was convinced that the emperor would abdicate in favor of Cho.
Lu Bu then in control of Cho's forces was tricked and lost control of the imperial capitol, Chang An. Lu Bu's star fell from then forward. He made the mistake of seizing a city of Tsao Tsao, earning him undying emninity from Tsao. He is forced to seek assistance and protection from Liu Pei (Liu Bei) who was also fighting Tsao. Unfortunately for Lu Bu, he is convinced to betray Pei by Tsao in the "Tiger and the Wolf" plot.

Lu Bu finds himself then in a war against both Tsao and Pei, as he is strong at first he rejects the proposal of marriage to a daughter of Yuan Shu (Shu would have sent troops to assist Lu Bu). But after losing two cities, being tricked into fighting his own advisor's forces in a night battle, and having his last stronghold of Hsiap'ei besieged and flooded, he accepts the offer.

Unfortunately no help ever comes as the messenger is captured. Lu Bu is executed by Tsao after Hsiap'ei falls to the joint forces.

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