Lrr (pronounced "Lurr") is the leader of the planet Omicron Persei 8 in the Futurama universe. Lrr puts on a mean act in front of his enemies, but is actually just a stereotypical guy behind the scenes. He enjoys television (his favorite show is a 20th century FOX show, Single Female Lawyer) and prefers to wear his stylish cape when engaging his enemies. Lrr is often seen at the front lines of battle (typically against Earth) with his wife, Ndnd (pronounced "Inda-inda"), where he issues angry threats and tirades against the populace. Earth first became the target of Lrr's anger when an episode of Single Female Lawyer was interrupted due to technical difficulties (Someone has spilled beer on the FOX control panel in 1999 and the broadcast took 1,000 years to reach Omicron Persei 8). Lrr and his countrymen came to Earth in the year 3000 ("When Aliens Attack") and began destroying precious national monuments. He took over Earth television and demanded that he see "McNeal" - Jenny McNeal, the star of SFL. He threatened to raise Earth's temperature by one million degrees a day for five days if Earth did not produce the missing episode of the series. With all episodes of the show having been destroyed during the second coming of Jesus centuries before, Fry and the Planet Express crew took it upon themselves to act out the missing episode of the series for the Omicronians' benefit. Lrr graded the show as a C-; good, but not great. As a result he did not destroy Earth, but he also did not share his secret for eternal life with the planet.

In 3001 Turange Leela, Fry, and Bender discovered a planet loaded with holes of fried shrimp-like objects. Judging these things to be delicious, they began selling the food under the name "Popplers". When fast food empire Fishy Joe's began marketing the food ("The Problem With Popplers") Lrr and his forces returned to Earth and announced that the Popplers were actually Omicronian young that had been stolen from a nursery planet. Initially Lrr demanded to eat one Earthling for every Omicronian that was eaten, but when negotiator Zapp Brannigan was made aware that aren't enough humans to meet that demand, Lrr instead chose to eat the first Earthling who ate an Omicronian: Leela. Fortunately Leela was saved at the last minute by a young Omicronian, Jrr, who made a passionate plea from inside Leela's mouth that humans should not be eaten in the name of revenge. Instead Lrr ate an annoying hippie, Free Waterfall Jr., much to Earth's approval.

In the episode "Love and Rocket" the Planet Express crew was tasked with delivering barrels of candy hearts to Lrr and Ndnd to prove that Earth loves them. Lrr became confused and infuriated at one piece of the candy, a little heart that proclaimed "wuv" (the cutesy way of saying "love"). The Omicronian forces pursued the Planet Express ship all the way out of their space and very nearly destroyed the ship with a blast of torpedos.

In the "Raiders of the Lost Arcade" segment of "Anthology of Interest 2" Lrr appeared inside a space craft that resembles one of the aliens from the classic arcade game Space Invaders. He announced that he was from the planet Nintendo 64 and had come to take all of Earth's quarters for use in washing machines. Donkey Kong and other famous arcade villains took part in the invasion. In the end a compromise was reached in which Lrr and the others could put their laundry in with Earth's. This segment did not actually occur in the canonical Futurama universe. It was merely a fun segment in the style of The Simpsons and their "Treehouse of Horror" episodes.

Sometime prior to the episode "Spanish Fry" Lrr and Ndnd began having marriage problems. The spark had gone out of their relationship, and in an effort to fix it Lrr obtained one of the strongest aphrodisiacs in the universe: a human nose (or, in this case, Fry's nose). When the Planet Express crew went to Omicron Persei 8 to retrieve it, Lrr learned that the human penis is a stronger aphrodisiac and planned to have it removed from Fry for his own uses. In the end, however, the Planet Express crew struck a deal with the Lrr: they would help him woo his wife, and Fry could keep his penis. Everything worked out and Lrr and Ndnd rediscovered their love for each other.

On the Futurama Season One DVD set the audio commentary explains how the writer who named Lrr and the other Omicronians disliked vowels, hence there are no written vowels in their names.

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