Also: Loud Family is a San Francisco Bay area band formed by Scott Miller, formerly of Game Theory. The Loud Family's first album, "Plants And Birds And Rocks And Things", was released in 1993, five years after Game Theory's last.
The band has changed its lineup three times since the Louds started, Scott being the only member to remain constant. The current lineup includes Scott (guitar/lead vocals), Alison Faith Levy (piano/synthesizer/vocals), Gil Ray (drums), and Kenny Kessel (bass/backing vocals).

Their music, which has been described by reviewers as "hyperliterate music that has complex motives and is densely constructed" and "a cross between Alex Chilton, James Joyce, and the Electric Prunes," never fails to be intelligent, inventive, and most of all, great fun.
Their latest album, "Attractive Nuisance", was released February 22, 2000, on Alias Records and is widely available.

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