Throughout youth, there are many critical periods of learning and influence from others. The journey through teenage years, while painful for many, is a time of shaping the psyche; the mind is either made or broken by those around a young adult.

To combat this, it is most important that children are encouraged to look beyond the hierarchy of society, further down the track, on to the future. They should be encouraged to realise that no matter who will attempt to hurt them in their daily lives, whether peer or parent, adult or child, they are still individuals who do not have to take any unfair critisism or personal attack. Every person on this earth has the right to their own opinion and should feel adequate, and even though the reality of this is somewhat jaded, the method to acheive this in the indivdual is often present in adults, and should be passed to youth as early as possible.

All children should realise that beyond their education, should they choose to pursue it, there is no real world. They are living in the real world now; for many there will be no transition between work and study, it is all a part of the same life. However, the fear of change and transition between education and work is the most anticipated for some students.

Through teenage years, everyone should know that confusion is a huge factor...

If only most of us would realise that their is the capacity for change in everyone, then the world we be a better place for all.

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