Local Agenda 21 came about as a direct result of the Earth Summit conference of 1992, held at Rio de Janeiro. Presented to this summit was a programme, called Agenda 21 (an agenda for the 21st century), about building sustainable economies. Agenda 21 is quite a lengthy document of 30 chapters.

Chapter 28 relates to implementation of Agenda 21 by local government, and is entitled "Local Authorities' Initiatives In Support Of Agenda 21". The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) proposed a charter called Local Agenda 21, or LA21 for short, presenting guidelines for implementing this chapter. Crucial to the implementation of Agenda 21 is a buy in from government at all levels.

Hence arose a campaign to implement Local Agenda 21 at a local level. This campaign is being implemented in many parts of the globe - often on a mandate from higher tiers of government. When coming to office in the UK in 1997, Tony Blair wholeheartedly endorsed LA21, and encouraged UK local government councils to adopt its principles.

LA21 principles

  • Reduce emissions - in line with Agenda 21 guidelines.
  • Promote organic farming methods. Eliminate depenency on chemicals.
  • Encourage local produce. Reduce transportation pollution and costs.
  • Encourage use of local materials.
  • Encourage recycling and re-use of waste materials.
  • Require suppliers to local government, to follow LA21 principles.
  • Promote awareness of environmental issues in the general public.

Is your local government adopting LA21?

Why not ask them? Talk to their environment or planning department. They should be delighted to tell you about their LA21 initiative, and be happy to supply you with details.

For more information

United Nations Sustainable Development - Agenda 21 text
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

Note to noders: Please /msg me before downvoting. I am aiming to give a factual and objective account of LA21. If you do not agree with LA21, this is beside the point.

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