A presence I have not felt since….
A true strength. A lightening
of enlightenment
granted by those present.
Negative footprints march in.
Dismal, grey.
Yellow-orange are the lighter steps
that lead to our eventual exit
forming a path with the less wanted.
A duality of spirit.
I light a candle and enter.

“Flickering gently
Candle flame twitches near out.
My hand shelters it.”

I sit. A speech
and a request:
Symbolically shackle the one who sits at our head.
An acquaintance
soon bound with rainbow ribbons.
Trapped by Triumph.
A Spirit spurned.
I cannot shackle my own
But kept a shackle regardless.
Soon enough, his suffering was lightened.

Oil is blessed;
I wait a moment, several, many.
Then, anointed, a Christ, by an enemy?
There is surely hope
if such a feud can be ended.
Most left, but I lingered a little longer
To feel, connect with the presence.
I can feel once again.
Joy, Sorrow, Compassion, Inspiration.
Not new to me
yet unfamiliar,
from so long in hibernation.

“A spirit shattered…
I am once again worthy.
Hope for a new world.”

A spirit shattered three and a half years.
A union of minds.
A clasp of hands.

I am once again worthy.


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