A very early Sanrio character pair, first introduced in the year 1975.

The Little Twin Stars are named Kiki (who is male) and Lala (who is female), and are reasonably conventional for Sanrio, as they take a human form. That said, they have the unique Sanrio "twist' in that they are cosmic beings from another galaxy, and are a rough analogue of Christian angels.

Kiki and Lala were born in '75 on Compassion Planet in Dream Galaxy. Their father was an inventor and their mother was a poet. To the Sanrio otaku, these characters show the early "flexing of creative muscle" of the house of Sanrio. These characters, in contrast to the later & simpler animal-based characters, are quite multi-dimensional.

Kiki's favourite things: fishing for stars, inventing, visiting new planets. He loves spring and summer and adores looking down on fields of dandelions from the clouds.

Lala's favourite things: Drawing pictures, writing poems, cooking soups. She loves autumn and winter and delights in writing poems to her parents while floating in a cold winter sky.

The Little Twin Stars' friends are The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, and The Clouds, and they regularly commune with spirits and magical entities.

Little Twin Stars are highly collectable and valuable to the committed Sanrio otaku.

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