The strange and artsy German band Die Tödliche Doris ("The Deadly Doris") released the song "Tanz im Quadrant" ("Dance in a square") in 1980 on a six-song self-titled EP also known as 7 tödliche Unfälle im Haushalt (7 Deadly Household Accidents), the title of its first track.

That record sounds a lot like their contemporaries Einstürzende Neubauten, and "Tanz im Quadrant" will certainly please those who like their tunes harsh, atonal, monotonous, driving, and authoritative.

The Stereo Total version ("Wir Tanzen im 4-Eck," or "We are dancing in a square") is markedly more chirpy, disco, and sexy. The Felix Kubin remix ("Wir Tanzen Kompliziert," or "We're dancing complicated") harkens back just a tad to the original, ending in some kind of crazy robot meltdown. Both Stereo Total versions are available on the 2002 re-release of Musique Automatique.

This is the song Stereo Total customarily use to end their shows, abandoning instruments to dance with their audience. Good people!

Lyrics to "WIR TANZEN IM 4-ECK" in various languages
(W.Müller-Wolf/v. Finsterwalde)

we're dancing in a square
we're dancing concentrated
I'm dancing with you
you're dancing with me
you me you me
me you you
we're dancing concentrated

this is my love for you
I want to make you dependent on me
you have to be exactly like me
you have to be my twin
this is my love for you

wir tanzen im 4-eck
wir tanzen konzentriert
ich tanz mit dir
du tanzt mit mir
ich du ich du
ich du du
wir tanzen konzentriert

das ist meine liebe zu dir
ich will dich abhängig machen von mir
du sollst genauso sein wie ich
du sollst mein zwilling sein
das ist meine liebe zu dir

nous dansons en carré
nous dansons concentrés
je danse avec toi
tu danses avec moi
toi moi toi moi
moi toi toi
nous dansons concentrés

voilà mon amour pour toi
je veux te rendre dépendante de moi
tu seras exactement comme moi
tu seras mon jumeau
voilà mon amour pour toi

Props to and for lyrics and facts.

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