Minna no Tabo, or as he is more commonly known, Tabo is one of the most widely loved Sanrio characters.

Created in the year 1984, he is in similar company to the other Sanrio superstars Keroppi and Badtz Maru, although he is still a way from the global megastardom of Hello Kitty who is now a meme unto herself. These characters all share something in common -- a significant body of stories filling out their character's imagined existence.

Tabo is a little boy who is always talking or singing. He is said to be the most honest boy in the world and cannot tell a lie. He makes friends easily, loves sport, and hates green peppers and dishonesty.

Tabo won 3rd most popular Sanrio character in the 1987 reader poll in The Strawberry News (Sanrio's newsmagazine) and achieved 1st place for the next two years.

Tabo's birthday is May 5th.

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