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17. Mountain Climb

Head up until you get into the forested area, the path diverts at this point to a collapsed watchtower. Be sure to grab the Aspect of Fire in the watchtower’s bathroom before proceeding. You’ll need it.

After clearing the first ledge, you’ll come under attack by several dangerous mountain spirits. The Rock Troll is a giant version of the Earth Children and it is accompanied by two Earth Hazes, very dangerous mountain spirits. It is tempting to think of the Rock Troll as the more dangerous of the three, but instead it is the Earth Haze with the kusarigama. The Haze with the sword has to be right on top of you to do any damage, but the kusarigama can be used as a distance weapon and it can wrap around you and trip you up. If you get tangled, the sword-wielding Haze will charge.

The best tactic is to rush the kusarigama wielding Haze and engage it with the Aspect of Fire at point blank range. Once destroyed you can back off and take out the Rock Troll and other Haze at a distance.

With the enemies dead, climb up the rock cliff to the Hidden Cave and recharge with the Stone Idol Collect all the shards you can before exiting.

Ascend to the next cliff, you’re above the tree line here and you have about three minutes before the two remaining moreans zero in on your location.

You need to get at least to the Broken Overlook, otherwise you’ll be dragged off the mountain and get a GAME OVER.

Once you get to the Overlook, the aggressive morean Breke comes in so fast he slams into the cliff wall. This isn’t any comfort as he will be fine.



This is a very hard boss fight. If the Aspect of Fire still has power use that, if not, you’ll have to use the Moonlight spell to crack Breke’s shield before switching to Spark. If you haven’t been leveling Spark, the next best thing is the Hammer Spell.

Breke doesn’t have any magic; he attacks with a nasty bite, and claws. If he manages to bite you he will throw you off the mountain.

Your success here depends on how well you can keep away from him. Stay away and spam your attacks until he backs off.



The second morean, the Spotter Ebrite, will drop down now.


Get going, I’ll take the girl.


No, we’ll take her together.


Heal up. I’ll be fine.

Ebrite is far more cautious. He has a nasty short distance teleportation spell that allows him to close distance without warning. Unlike Breke, if he defeats you, he’ll drag you away resulting in a GAME OVER.

The teleportation spell can’t be copied and his other attack is a modification of Spark.

The best strategy is again to keep as far away as possible. When he teleports, dodge quickly to the side before he can claw you. Ebrite isn’t as bitey as Breke, but at close range he is just as dangerous.

Break his shield with Moonlight, then hit him with Spark.

When you get him to low enough health, he’ll back off and stand with Breke.


Damned immortal. You’ll never be safe. I’ll see to it.

They fly off to lick their wounds.

Continue up the mountain. There’s a shallow snowbank farther ahead, with several wood nymphs guarding a glyph. Take them out and grab the glyph then follow the path up toward Pike’s Peak which can now be seen clearly above.

You’ll get to a broken chain link fence, and find a squad of dead Texan soldiers beyond. Gunshots can be distantly heard. Clear the area quickly, before the Texans come back as zombies, and proceed to the small road.

There’s a busted military gate where a short battle has taken place. The gate has a sign above it that says “PIKE’S PEAK TACTICAL HIGH ENERGY LASER INSTALLATION.” When you reach the gate, you’ll actually hear the laser firing in the distance.

Enter the gate, and approach the dying soldier.


What happened here?


Mercy. Please.

He holds up his hands, they’re covered in his own blood.


I’m not a soldier.


They’re trying to capture our-- who, what…


I can try something.

If you do nothing, he will die. If you decide to use Healing Bloom on him, he’ll slowly sit up and look at you.


What? I’m… fine. I feel great. Who are you?


I’ve got to get off this mountain. What’s the fastest way down?


There’s a tram that heads down to Colorado Springs, but there’s a whole mess of Texas Special Forces assaulting the facility. Between them and us, I don’t know how you’re going to get through.


I’ll find a way.


You saved my life, is there anything I can do for you?


I don’t need anything. Keep safe.

Enter the installation, and take time to recharge your shield.

18. Pike’s Peak

The Pike’s Peak Tactical High Energy Laser Installation consists of a three ringed structure topped by the laser itself, a huge artillery-like machine with a telescope facing down toward I-25 and related areas. When it fires the entire base shakes.


Laser charging at 60%. All personnel on the observation deck put on your eye protection goggles now. There will be no other warnings.

There’s a firefight up ahead. Both Colorado Army and the Texas Special Forceswill treat you as hostile. Their guns aren’t much of a threat against your shield when encountered individually, but the shield can’t handle more than two streams of fire at once. It is best to use Dim, but if you have to fight, the Colorado Soldiers are far less likely to try to close than the TSF.

As regular humans, both are weak against your spells, and none are shielded. There are a few TSF ENFORCE Units a type of small combat robot. These are vulnerable to the Hammer Spell.

Circumnavigate the two groups and head down the stairs to their right. More Coloradans will rush up the stairs to join the fray. If you squeeze into the corner and use Dim, they won’t see you, otherwise prepare for a fight.

Once down the stairs, head toward the Battery Room.

This is the massive battery that charges the laser. It is two stories tall and has a huge rotating ring of magnets around it. The Coloradans have created a barricade to the lower levels, so instead head up.


Laser Discharging.

The base will shake. Continue up to the first ring. The staff here are panicking and attempting to destroy documents.


Destroy all the notes. Somebody be ready to blow the battery.

Make your way past the civilians. The next section is blocked by a laser wall. If you attempt to blast your way through it (use Moonlight, no other spell will work), you’ll be mobbed by soldiers. The switch to turn it off is in the room to the right.

Enter the Observation Deck. The room is circular and commands an impressive view of the plains to the east.


Primary Laser Cool Down. Wait sixty-seven seconds before priming battery.

You’ll encounter a group of TSF soldiers coming in through the windows. Clear the room before the Coloradans can respond and exit to the second ring. The courtyard is snowy and you’ll have to thread your way through the frost and blood. There’s a lot of dead soldiers here and about halfway through the courtyard, they’ll all stand up as zombies.

Destroy as many as you can before both Texan and Colorado forces show up to re-kill the zombies. The tram system is here, but the power is being diverted to the laser. If you try to activate the tram, the control panel will flash a message to that effect.

Head into the control station. It is barricaded, so you’ll have to use telekinesis on it. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid the fight with the soldiers in the room, so clear them out, and shut down the laser.

Return to the tram, and start it. Enjoy the scenery porn as you descend toward Colorado Springs. The Great Plains stretch before you, and you can see the Texas Air Force and the bulk of the Texas Army assaulting Peterson Air Force Base and Fort Carson.

Lithic Walkthrough Part 9<------------> Lithic Walkthrough Part 11

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