An inspiring heart-warming autobiography of George Dawson, co-authored by Richard Glaubman.

At age 98, George decided to learn to read. It had always been a life-long desire, but growing up in the earlier part of this century meant that there were often other priorities in life than formal education.

Born in 1898 in Marshall, Texas, George is a voice of Afro-American history. He starts his autobiography with how his grandparents were liberated from slavery. He talks of the invention of the motor car and aeroplane, he comments on key events in history in relation to his perception of world, and he enthuses the goodness of life.

The biog reflects on his life, and extols good common sense and honesty as the answer to a long and fortunate life. Hardship is part and parcel of experiencing life. I love good old-fashioned values!

Read this if you ever think you are too old to start something new. This guy is still alive and kicking at 101!

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