The last century or so has seen its fair share of ages. We had, for starters, The Information Age, The Age of Aquarius, The Space Age, The Atomic Age, The Age of Oil, and probably others I'm forgetting. So, that's at least 6 ages in 100 years. It used to be that an "age" took up at least a century or 2. Let me give you some examples. The Early Middle Ages took up 5 centuries, from 500-1000. The Islamic Golden Age lasted for 6 centuries, from 700-1300. Even the Industrial Revolution managed to hang around for 2 centuries, from 1700-1900.

These days, we're lucky if an age makes it to a 3rd decade. The Information Age, having hit the 3rd decade mark, is about over, but historians aren't sure what to call the new age we're entering. Names take time. All they know right now is that technology is here to stay, unless something really goes wrong. In this new age, ideas like free code have replaced old ideas like free love, and free as in beer and free as in Iraq are some of the new norms. We give our personal information away for free, and companies sell it. Money might not be free yet, but it's almost free! It only costs 6 cents to print up a dollar now, and they're printing them by the trillions.

I call the age we're in The Age of Style. It's all about style, even if you have to sacrifice substance. Substance is boring and time-consuming. This age might only last a year or two, but it'll be good age while it lasts.

High fashion has finally come to the masses. Whether you shop at Saks Fifth Avenue and Ikea or Wal-Mart, there's almost always a trendy designer name behind what you're buying. They make sure the lamp you're buying has brushed steel and that the shade has a retro color. They put the quirky duck patterns that you love so much on your throwaway shower curtains. They fade, rip, and tailor your jeans until they look right. It's all about being sexy. Now I don't know about you, but I love that. Never before have I had more options to express my individuality.

I know that nothing makes me feel more "me" than the right pair of jeans, and the amount of choice you have today in jeans is unbelievable. Your average clothing store sells skinny, slim straight, straight, boot cut, relaxed, and loose fit jeans, among other cuts. It about covers all your basic personality types. So, if you like rap, you can buy the loose fit jeans. If you're a hipster, you buy the skinny jeans. The average Joe buys straight or relaxed jeans. I consider myself the creative type, so I buy skinny jeans.

There are two reasons why I like skinny jeans. One is that I like the way the tighter pant legs accentuate my natural form. You're not hiding your body behind baggy clothes. When I put on a pair of Levi's skinny jeans in the morning and look in the mirror, I like what I see. I'll jut my left hip out to one side, put a hand around it, and nod at my reflection. The other reason like about skinny jeans is that they're democratic. There's no sexism involved. Guys and girls wear skinny jeans. It's modern.

Rounded curves are another one of the hot fads in The Age of Style. They're putting them on the curbs of your street, your iPod, the graphical menus on TV shows, and your car. They're even making the curves of our hips rounder. You have to love it.

One day, I was driving to work in my red Saab, listening to "S&M" by Rihanna ("chains and whips excite me!" she sang over roaring, reverb-drenched synthesizers), and I had to admit: life is good, too good! My stylish hair, cut by hip barbers and kept up with the latest organic hair care products, was blowing in the wind. I didn't have a care in the world.

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