Imperial Planetologist, Judge of the Change and leader of the Fremen. Kynes' father was Pardot Kynes, who first dreamed of transforming Dune from arrid desert to lush paradise, a vision that passed on to his son.

While Pardot Kynes was revered by his Fremen follower, he was nevertheless an outsider, but Liet was half-fremen, and was accepted more openly, taking a Fremen wife.

As a youth, Liet joined the Renegade Earl Dominic Vernius' band of Spice Smugglers and visited Salusa Secundus, the scorched prison planet and home of the Sardaukar.

Liet Kynes's daughter, Chani, became Muad'Dib's concubine and mother of Leto Atreidies II (the God Emperor) and Ghanima.

Kynes was killed by Rabban following the Harkonnen raid on Arrakeen and the death of Leto Atreides. Rabban destroyed his stillsuit and set him into the desert.

Sources: the Dune novels and the Prelude to Dune novels.

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