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mission drive within everything
mission drive? that sounds like something from school... ick.
PMSS. (yes, really. port moody secondary.)
I'm an evyl banana. Blaa! 8-)
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Blaa. I'm a newbie, I got sucked into this place recently... I'm still figuring things out :) oh, and I'm a Creatures addict :)
Gah, school is evil. guess I won't be here much until the holidays...

hmm, how about some quotes?
Woundweavr: High school doesn't educate, it merely keeps teenagers off the streets.
mowph: Wow. Trying to learn how to writeup, while being distracted by e2, is akin to trying to learn how to repair the engine of a car reading a book as that car careens out of control down the highway.
reverius: Hard work may pay off later, but procrastination pays off now.