The Library of the Future is really great CD-ROM collection for those of you who love the classic books, such as Homer's Odyssey, Beowulf, writings of Confucius, publications of Charles Darwin, collections of many famous authors such as William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland). The list would continue, but with over 5,000 literary works it would be extremely difficult to make the list.

The program is dirt cheap because all of the books on it are in the public domain (free for anyone to reproduce), so you can find it anywhere between $5-20. It installs easily, and takes up almost no hard drive space, as all of the books are stored on the CD.

Many people would hate reading books on the computer (although there are plenty who I'm sure have no objection to it), so if you have lots of printer paper, you can print the books off. If you're reading on the computer, you can add bookmarks to jump anywhere you want, skip to a specific page, search for occasions of any word, or even have it auto-scroll at a pace of your choice.

All of the information is based on Library of the Future 4th Edition.

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