The UCLA Library has designed and tested a spill-proof mug that has been authorized for use in all campus libraries. This blue mug with yellow/gold graphics that are labeled "UCLA THINK DRINK" and "The Official UCLA Library mug" went on sale February 2001. It is the only beverage container anyone can bring into the libraries. The 16-oz. thermal mug must be purchased for $3.99 at many ASUCLA* restaurants and coffee houses on campus. The first beverage is free when you buy the mug and refills of coffee, tea, or soft drinks cost 75¢ each.   

Most universities and libraries also have similar policies against food or drink in the library. However, some allow the use of any spill-proof or capped mugs or bottles while others require purchase of official drink containers sold by the institution.

The Daily Bruin, UCLA's campus newspaper, printed the following in the Viewpoint section:

Tuesday, April 03, 2001
ASUCLA library mug another unnecessary expense
Thumbs down to ASUCLA for marketing the UCLA Library Mug. Currently, the university's libraries do not allow students to bring beverages in with them unless they they are in the specially designed ASUCLA mug.
Though it's reasonable to expect that measures be taken to ensure library materials are kept safe, students shouldn't be restricted to products made by the university itself. Students shouldn't have to pay more money to ASUCLA if they have mugs, bottles, or containers that already protect against spilling liquids. The library mug is a totally frivolous and unnecessary expenditure placed on students by an association that is supposed to belong to them. And all for the sake of profits.

*ASUCLA, the Associated Students of the University of California, Los Angeles. It is a combination of student organizations and service enterprises comprised of four related units: Retail Services, the Undergraduate Students Association, the Graduate Students Association, and the ASUCLA Communications Board, which oversees all UCLA student media.

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