A rather impressive array of fine jazz musicians reunited for the first time in 1969 by bass player Charlie Haden. That record (Liberation Music Orchestra, Impulse 1969) was an homage to the people from over the world that helped to defend the freedom of the Spanish Republic, back in 1936. As you may know, General Franco rebelled against the democratically elected republic and caused the Spanish Civil War.

"Song Of The United Front", a workers' song written by Hans Eisler (words by Bertolt Brecht). "El Quinto Regimiento" (The Fifth Regiment), "Los Cuatro Generales" (The Four Generals), and "Viva La Quince Brigada" (Long Live The Fifteenth Brigade) are featured in the record, all of four old Spanish folk songs with new words added in war time.

Performers of the orchestra in that record were:

Carla Bleypiano
Charlie Hadenbass
Perry Robinson -clarinet
Gato Barbieri -tenor saxophone, clarinet
Dewey Redman -alto and tenor saxophones
Don Cherry -cornet, flutes
Mike Mantler -trumpet
Roswell Rudd -trombone
Bob Northern -french horn, percussion, whistle
Howard Johnson -tuba
Sam Brown -guitars
Paul Motian -drums, percussion
Andrew Cyrille -drums, percussion

Since then Haden (always accompanied by his wife Carla Bley, that does most of the arrangements and also performs) has recorded other titles with different musicians under the name of Liberation Music Orchestra: The Ballad Of The Fallen (ECM 1982, The Montreal Tapes (Verve 1989), Dream Keeper (Blue Note 1991).

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