This is a good one. I remember it well, from high school music class. Just like the Ode to Newfoundland, we were required to memorize the lyrics.In Newfoundland, the curriculum still includes Newfoundland Culture as a course. Also, there is a small component of the music curriculum devoted to Newfoundland musical history; a few days were even spent learning about traditional Irish music, from which the majority of Newfoundland's culture springs.

The version I heard of this was by a small Newfoundland-based group called The Irish Descendants (See what I mean?), with the wonderful John McDermott doing additional vocals.

Take me back to my Western Boat,
Let me fish off Cape St. Mary's
Where the hagdowns sail and the foghorns wail
With my Friends the Browns and the Cleary's
Let me Fish of Cape St. Mary's.

Let me feel my dory lift
To the broad Atlantic combers
Where the tide rips swirl and the wild ducks whirl
Where Old Neptune calls the numbers
'Neath the broad Atlantic combers.

Let me sail up Golden Bay
With my oilskins all a'streamin' .
From the thunder squall ?when I hauled me trawl
And my old Cape Ann a gleamin'
With my oil skins all a'streamin'.

Let me view that rugged shore,
Where the beach is all a-glisten
With the Caplin spawn where from dusk to dawn
You bait your trawl and listen
To the undertow a-hissin'.

When I reach that last big shoal
Where the ground swells break asunder,
Where the wild sands roll to the surges toll.
Let me be a man and take it
When my dory fails to make it.

Take me back to that snug green cove
Where the seas roll up their thunder.
There let me rest in the earth's cool breast
Where the stars shine out their wonder -
And the seas roll up their thunder.

Otto Kelland

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