A vocal fan group of the (women's pro basketball) WNBA's New York Liberty.

In one of the more interesting subplots to the WNBA, a fairly large group of lesbians attend New York Liberty games. New York is known for an active gay community, and Liberty player Sue Wicks is "one of the few - if not the lone - "out" players in the WNBA", according to Sports Illustrated.

The group has accused the team and league of homophobia, feeling the lesbian community should be recognized in a similar fashion to Father's Day or Black History Month.

"Lesbians for Liberty" banners at games have been met with some disapproval from team management. On Banner Night on August 2, 2002, the group held a "kiss-in" during time outs in play, to protest the lack of recognition they receive and to draw attention to their cause.

On a group website, their mission statement is explained: "We are a movement founded to address the attitude of homophobia prevelant in the WNBA."

While it might be comical to some (and admittedly, I find a "kiss-in" to be pretty hilarious), it's symbolic of the growth of women's sports in the U.S. and the social impact related to it.

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