Les Savy Fav formed in 1995 at a Rhode Island Art school, all the members being art students, and fans of Fugazi and Jawbox.
This would acount for the bands taunt Dischordesque post-whatever hardcore emo sound.

The band is currently Tim Harrington (vocals), Seth Jabber (guitar), Syd Butler (bass), Gibb Slife (guitar) and later Harrison Haynes (drums). (Patrick Mahoney was on "3/5" and was replaced by Haynes.)

The band has released three albums and one ep.
Over their albums the band has honed their sound, from the early "live in the studio" raw sound of "3/5" to the newer Fugazi-like "Go Forth". The bands lyrics are often cryptic and arty. Harrington's vocals are a taunt yelp over the din of the band.

Though they obviously have a great deal in common to bands like Fugazi and Jawbox, Les Savy Fav has always had its own noisy punk sound. Saviours of rock? No. Great band? Yes.


"3/5" (1999)
"Cat and the Cobra" (1999)
"Emor:Rome Upside Down (ep)" (2000)
"Go Forth"(2001)

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