British actor (1886-1972). Born in Weedon, England, Carroll was a stage actor in London and New York until he finally made the transition to Hollywood in 1934, where he stuck mainly to dignified and very British supporting roles.

His first film was "Sadie McKee" in 1934. He also appeared in the 1938 version of "A Christmas Carol", playing Marley's Ghost, and played Joseph Earnshaw in 1939's "Wuthering Heights". He soon became one of Alfred Hitchcock's stable of actors, winning roles in "Rebecca", "Suspicion", "Spellbound", "The Paradine Case", "Strangers on a Train", and "North by Northwest". He also had roles in "Forever Amber", the 1950 version of "Father of the Bride", "The Desert Fox", "The Snows of Kilimanjaro", "The Bad and the Beautiful", "We're No Angels", "Tarantula" *, and "The Parent Trap". He also enjoyed success on television, playing the title role in "Topper" and playing Alexander Waverly in "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." (and in a number of related films).

He died in Hollywood on October 16, 1972, of pneumonia brought on by cancer.

* And sighmoan reminds me that Carroll's performance in this movie was immortalized in Richard O'Brian's song "Science Fiction Double Feature" from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show": "I knew Leo G. Carroll was over a barrel when Tarantula took to the hills..."

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