Xamot: YAAAWWWWNNNNN! mmmmm. What should I have for breakfast this morning?

Xamot rummages through the cupboards and refrigerator and finally the freezer.

Xamot: Ah-ha. Eggos!

Xamot takes two eggos, pops them into the toaster, and then goes to get butter, syrup, milk, etc.

(que evil music)

Tomax rises from bed, awakened by the smell of Eggos. An evil grin forms on his face.

Tomax: Eggos!

Tomax creeps into the kitchen and spies Xamot across the way occupied.

Tomax sneeks over to the toaster...


The Eggos explode from the toaster

Xamot spins and sees Tomax reaching for the Eggos.

Tomax grabs the hot eggos bare-handed.

Xamot: OUCH! You bastard. Leggo my EGGO!

Xamot punches himself REALLY hard.

Tomax: UMPH!

The eggos fly across the counter and Tomax is curled in a ball on the floor.

Xamot quickly grabs the eggos and the rest of his breakfast and escapes to his private command center.

Tomax recovers, looks at the empty eggo box, and goes to Xamot's door. He proceeds to bang on the door.

Xamot eats his eggos with a big grin.


Leggo my Eggo was a marketting slogan invented by Kellogg's when the company bought Eggos Waffles from the Dorsa Brothers in the late 60s. This slogan has survived all the years and can still be seen in eggos commercials. While the above is a fictional commercial created by the author of this node it follows the basic format of the Eggo commercials.

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