An incredibly well thought out online multiplayer game. My first experience with it was of the revolutionary sort - finally a game that so closely resembled a MUD, but had a graphical interface. Listen up folks, we're talking drag and drop inventory, incredible adventures, impromptu party battling, and all in all a fantastic game-playing experience to be had online. And then the fateful transition to a monthly fee (Gamestorm)... of which I was more than happy to pay... and then the further transition to a vast and utter emptiness, but for an apologetic note explaining the game had been discontinued. Oh, the angels cried tears of fire that day, I tell you.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who associates music from a certain time period with memories that are made during said period. Well, any song that was in heavy radio rotation at that time period (during my manic button pressing, mouse-swirling epic adventures) elicits nothing but warm fuzzies from me. Another personal project, after I've wrung my millions out of corporate America - restart the LOK server.

Editor's note: Legends of Kesmai came back online in 2004, available here (offsite link).

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